Krakens engineering’s team has designed and built Little FRANK to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of flooding subsea systems while ensuring our clients piece of mind. Little FRANK uses the subsea hydrostatic head to flood the subsea system without the need for a connection to a topsides vessel or installation. The system was also designed to be more compact and lighter than its competition, reducing the deck space and lifting requirements associated with a conventional free flooding operation.



This is a simple free flooding filter used to ensure the seawater entering a pipe during lay is filter removing partials from entering the pipeline. These filters can be supplied in a variety of sizes to suit the requirements of your unique operations. 

Most systems can be easily designed to fit within a standard ROV or Diver work basket making it easy to deploy and recover. 

We here at Kraken Subsea are dedicated to improving Pre-Commissioning technology. It’s simple. We love innovation & showing our clients what is really possible.