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Welcome to Kraken Subsea – a simpler, smarter solutions with a little twist of rock’n’roll!


When Kraken Subsea was founded in 2019 it was to address challenges we couldn’t find effective solutions for. We created these solutions from scratch with the operator and goal of the operation in mind at all times. Looking to other industries for inspiration and drawing on our teams experience of over 12 years within the Pre-Commissioning industry we have created several solutions for our clients needs.


We haven’t just reinvented the wheel, we have redesigned almost every aspect of our products using lean manufacturing techniques ensuring our products are fit for purpose, simpler, faster and smarter for our clients.

Kraken Subsea is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Pre-Commissioning by applying modern technology to add value to our products and to provide you with the results you need fast.

It doesn’t need to be complex and expensive anymore - all of our products are simple to use, reliable, intelligent, and cost effective.


The change starts here!

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To deliver performance pre-commissioning solutions by combining technical ingenuity with new and innovative autonomous systems. Creating a step-change in the industry by providing reliable and cost effective solutions.

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Start Your Journey

Kraken Subsea are dedicated to improving Pre-Commissioning technology.

It’s simple: We love innovation & showing our clients what is really possible.

Take that first step and get in touch - lets turn your project into a reality!


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