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Kraken Subsea is dedicated to developing new, smarter solutions to simplify and improve offshore pre-commissioning


kraken subsea sampling pipeline pre-commissioning decommissioning

Kraken Subsea's engineering team has designed and built our Subsea Sampling Skid designed to capture representative fluid samples from a subsea system.

Captured samples are certified for transportation directly to a fluid analysis laboratory without the requirement for fluid transfer at surface.

Our sampling units are designed to 250barg with a water depth rating of 2,000m as standard.


However, this can be modified to suit 20k psig and 4,000m water depth systems on request.


kraken subsea sampling pipeline pre-commissioning decommissioning

Subsea sampling systems have to be reliable and provide a high level of confidence that a representative sample has been captured.

At Kraken Subsea, our sampling skids consist of a closed system designed with no discharge to sea. We have also added flushing cylinders to capture any waste fluids within connecting hoses / pipework ensuring that any contamination has been captured prior to samples being drawn into dedicated sampling cylinders.

As such, there is high confidence and reliability that the samples captured are representative of the subsea system.


kraken subsea sampling pipeline pre-commissioning decommissioning

Our sampling units have been designed with ease of use in mind.


In both diver and ROV operable configurations, our sampling skids are easy to deploy, install and operate.

Our sampling skids can also be adapted with an appropriate interface to seamlessly connect to your system.


Whether you have a specific tie-in fitting required or a simple hotstab connection, just let us know and we can tailor our unit to be the perfect fit.

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Kraken Subsea are dedicated to improving Pre-Commissioning technology.

It’s simple: We love innovation & showing our clients what is really possible.

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